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Microsoft 365 Training and Certification

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) brings together a suite of apps, device management and security services to help organizations everywhere increase productivity, streamline operations, and keep their data secure. Whether you are looking to expand your Microsoft skills for a new job, promotion, or just for personal development, We have  Microsoft 365 courses to fit any need.


Microsoft has taken our favorite apps like Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and put them on the cloud. You can access your documents from anywhere, anytime you need them and, with built-in intelligence software, you can optimize your projects in less time.


Our classes give you the technical know-how, our labs give you the practical, hands-on experience you need to make the most of Microsoft 365, and our certification prep classes help you prove your skills by earning a Microsoft certification.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the same Office you already know and use every day. Office 365 is powered by the cloud, so you can access your applications and files from virtually anywhere.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet application, typically used to display and manipulate numerical data. Microsoft Excel provides data organization and analysis tools that enables you to sort, extract and generate charts from spreadsheet data.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a call and video conferencing tool that empowers communication and collaboration from anywhere. Teams provides a channel for one-on-one calls, all the way up to video conferences with 10,000 people.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the de facto standard in business for creating documents such as letters, invitations, term papers, flyers, resumes, novels and other documents.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is the world's most popular application for email, calendars, and contacts. The Outlook desktop application works with both your personal and work email.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint enables you to create dynamic presentations through the use of text, graphics and animation. Slide presentations created with the software are often displayed on projection screens for business, training or educational presentations.

Microsoft Visio

Visio is a diagramming tool that can be used to visually communicate technical as well as non-technical representations of ideas, processes, charts, structures, layouts, software models, blueprints and more.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project allows you to control project schedules and finances, communicate and present project information, and ensure that projects are completed on schedule throughout a project life cycle.

Microsoft Access

Access is a database tool for gathering and understanding all of your information such as phone numbers, inventory and even guest lists, providing a convenient way to enter, navigate and report your data.

Over 1.2 billion people worldwide use some form of Microsoft product. As more businesses move to the cloud, they’re choosing Office 365 as their collaborative hub of operations.

With Office 365, you can access documents, emails and calendars from any device, host online meetings, collaborate on documents with teammates and safeguard your environment with antivirus, anti-spam and disaster recovery features.

Office 365 has the potential to help businesses work faster and consolidate costs. But IT teams need a holistic understanding of the Office 365 suite to extend these advantages to their organizations. Office 365 Training from us teaches IT professionals the skills to:

We offer comprehensive Office 365 training for every expertise level, including: